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카지노사이트 추천 The name of a 16th-century

카지노사이트 추천 The name of a 16th-century German mercenary knight who was well aware of Yoon Gin
take from. Lanskernet is a relatively simple game. One or more bankers
Match the stakes with the number of participants, one card on the right and the other on the circle
Put it on the side. If the cards come in the same shape, the bank automatically
Win. If it’s not the same shape, Duller will continue until the pair is matched
Take out the card. If the card that matches the card on the left comes out first
If the bank wins, and the card that matches the card on the right comes first, the participant will
Gilda. The bank role in the Lanskernet game was not fixed. among the participants
I could take turns playing it in 4 hours, and the bank game became more friendly
Italy was the most enthusiastic country in the process.
The First Casino Appearance
Italy after the Renaissance was notorious for its gamblers
was not a single nation, but a collection of several duchy and city-states). Italian class
Throughout the province, gambling in private gambling houses and bars flourished.
Italians were enthusiastic about gambling, but the most important point was that they did not help
It is said that Park has been converted into a business. in Europe, economically, socially, and culturally
Northern Italy, the most developed region, was the cradle of commercial gambling. Venecy
Al has long been a mecca for gambling. By the end of the 14th century, Venice had been playing cards
It was a center, and although the lottery was not invented in Venice, it was a blessing in the 16th century
The 카지노사이트 추천 power prevailed. Especially during the carnival, everyone in Venice is class and gender
He fell into gambling regardless of whether or not. People who are relatively poor are on roads or bridges,
I enjoyed playing cards and dice in public places such as the Grand Square and Wine Wetland. From time to time.
The gamblers caught in the police raid could have paid their money or been imprisoned,
Gamblers run away in a hurry when they hear the police are coming
No, I was just a fan of sitting. The nobles gambled in a more sophisticated place. that
At their own party, the aristocrats played probability games to their guests, and politically
It is very rare for police to raid the gambling scene of connected aristocrats
That’s it. 15
In the 16th century, the prohibition of gambling was a dramatic change in gambling
There was no restraint. In 1567, a powerful bill is promulgated. for the noble class
It was a law on lidoti kido, a place for gambling. It’s called “Ridoto doo”
The word is derived from Ridurre, which is reduced. Damda or Homder Historic Site
It means making it secretive. In general, Lidotto is a person who is a high-ranking government official
Something like a secret meeting or a secret room set up for private use in a house
This can be a reference to something that has been crushed. but not long after
This word means that you can 카지노사이트 추천 get gambling, dancing, good food, and rumors
It came to mean a private space. The infamous Lidotto is still an aristocrat
It remained part of the field house. the comfortable gathering of the common people, not the aristocracy
Places were inns and other public places.
The laws against gambling in the 17th century reflected a change in the space called Lidotti
There is. It is no longer a place where aristocrats gather and gamble to the extent permitted
It wasn’t a place to eat and drink. There, the aristocracy is in the stakes
It generated direct revenue by paying part of it and gambling. the execution of blasphemy
The aristocracy where the coffins own the lidotti and the hired staff who practically ran the game
Judging from the records of all accusations, the aristocrats have professional dealers
It appears to have been used.
The first game I played in Lidotti was Vaseto Basseo or Bar
It was a game invented in Venice in the 16th century.16 Bassett in particular is a Dealer/Bang
It was a banking game on the premise of inequality between Kerr and game participants. Participants are
Guess whether the card will be allocated to the polaire or dealer
To major bets, a low-possibility but high-reward bet could be added
There was. For example, a contestant bets on a king card, the first card charge from the deck
If the king’s card is allocated to the player, he will be able to make three times the amount he bets on
You can cry, or you can take back all the money you won, including the principal you immediately bet on
I could hang it. I chose the latter, and if King is allocated to the player again, I’d like to
I could have received seven times the gold. If you won by betting like this, it’s the same
He could have done a third time in a way, and if he had won all three times, he would have gotten the principal
I could get 30 times as much. This betting method is known as Patoli Paae
(This is the origin of the word Parlay in English). In terms of the rate of fire, it’s hard to get such a result
It’s hard, but with the willingness of gamblers to make greater amends, Bassett is very profitable
It used to be a high game – I mean, Banker ended up making money.
Lidotti flourished, thereby the Venetian Inquisition to eliminate the gambling den
thwart somebody’s will. The city council has launched a new scheme, and it’s legalizing gambling
Therefore, gambling is legal at least during the carnival period, restricting it to one specially designated area
It was to get angry. So in 1638, a four-story building owned by Marco Dandolo
A lidoto has been opened inside the Maternal Ise Castle. This is the first time in the history of Confucianism
It was a legal, state-sanctioned public gambling house 카지노사이트 추천 – the modern casino industry is historic
It can be seen as an authentic successor to this facility, which is important. Lidoto’s Opening Gains
Gambling for public purposes with gamblers who used to run commercial games for
Typical of a historical coalition between governments that seeks to legislate and boost tax revenues

카지노사이트 추천
카지노사이트 추천

슬롯 This attitude of enlightenment is also

슬롯 This attitude of enlightenment is also extremely necessary in gambling. More
Looking at it broadly and understanding the opponent more helps the game a lot.
However, these feelings are unnecessarily expressed in favor of the other person
You don’t need to talk or talk to me. It is also rather disturbing.
Casino games have a lot of ups and downs and big
The amount of money you have doesn’t really matter much. a certain company
Even Ram would have won a lot of money with a small amount of money
There may be times when you lose everything in the blink of an eye.
So how can professionals play games more than the amount of money they have
We give weight to whether we go out or not. a person who is not up to this level
Rams are bound to cling to the amount of money they always have.
Rather than having a lot of money, I was discharged once
Serious and delicate in case you don’t even have the 슬롯 money to bet on
A time when you fought against crab time and eventually made a lot of money that you couldn’t imagine
There are hundreds of millions.
If you play casino games and you’re dependent on the amount of money, you’re going to have to do it
There is still a long way to go. Nor does it depend on the amount of money
It is also strategically important to. If you believe in the amount of money
the act of beating someone with an arrogant and reckless mind due to his/her attention spanned
Therefore, it is more likely to collapse. on the contrary, small
People who have money should be more careful, and if they lose it, it’s over
Hang in there. Wait for the most likely time to beat
Therefore, the game works out surprisingly well.
When you think you don’t have much money, your greed goes first
It’s better to ask back if it’s too big. In short, the amount of money is
It’s nothing but a mirage.
Don’t try to look at the card
There is a game in Baccarat where a dealer opens a card by himself.
This is usually called mini baccarat, 검증바카라사이트 but the game is very
On the other hand, there is a disadvantage that there is not enough time to think. Approximately
If you’ve mastered it for a long time, you play it sensibly
I prefer to play games like this, but I focus on drawing
If you play, you don’t have much time to think
There’s a mole, but it’s something that people don’t even think about
It can be a dot. Of course, people who play cards for fun are hawks
Someone who hates it, but wants to win the game with a goal
I’m going to get rid of the feeling of wanting to see the card, and then I’m going to give it to him
Because it makes you concentrate.
Why is it bad to look at cards. If you want to see the card, it’s “be”
The amount of ting liquid should be large. Bacca is the order of the people who bet a lot
They give you a low card, so if you want to look at the card, you can bet
be supposed to do a lot. So this is what we’ve done so far
It would be far from the safe game I got. at the end of one’s reign
There are always people who try to look at their cards. Of course
It’s the best to earn money and have fun, but other than that
The person who always looks at the card is usually bound to lose money.That is, “be.”
The technical thing is that Ting has a wide range of bets from small to large
You can do it, but the person who always pays a lot of money is that much tech
I can’t play a nical game. Therefore, I always play cards
Making big bets to watch doesn’t help. Also, the card
If you look at it, you can have a lot of friction with other customers. different
The customer wants to see the card, so he’ll bet a little
He even comes forward to see the painting himself. Even though I have a lot of money
If I lose several times in a row, I’ll keep watching
It’s a bit difficult, so it’s different from the game you want to play
Of course, it’s easy to go in the other direction.


If you have a clear goal, you can sacrifice the fun of looking at cards
It doesn’t matter if.Some people never look at Ohirah cards
I’m also trying to. This clearly distinguishes between success and fun
It can be called a desirable attitude when it is a defeat.
As we’ve seen, Bakara has a customer in her own right
Oh, it’s a game. So technically, I’m going to make the game
You have to get into it and use the situation between games to win. That’s why
It should be highly mobile with. I mean, you’re free to do anything
You have to move lightly without losing. the closest thing in the world
It doesn’t work that way when you play games with people.
Some baccarat people are married or brothers
with or with a very close friend
C. All three cases are undesirable. In some cases, luck
Even if I win a lot because I like it, my wife wins with me
There aren’t that many cases. Brothers, of course, of course
Same here. Everyone needs to win, but it’s easy to win alone
If you’re satisfied, you’ll win if 슬롯 everyone will win
The risk of exiting the casino will be much lower.


검증바카라사이트 Casinos in Las Vegas can use

검증바카라사이트 Casinos in Las Vegas can use this distinction as a standard game
It gives about 400 times and 600 times for Baccarat.
That is, for a table with a minimum bet of $25 up to $15,000
You can bet up to Ruhr.
If the discussion is this big, it’s hard to play a game based on probability
It’s easier.
If the first person who made the $50 bet didn’t hit it, 50 months
There are times when I bet on RENJUN again and come to the right place
You can also aggressively bet $100. No matter which way
You can keep losing. Even if you lose 5 or 6 times in a row, different
If S is big, I can’t get all the money I lost at once
There is.
This distinction also has a great deal to do with the safety of the game. “Ca
The most dangerous thing in Gino’s game is Fulvet, but if the discussion is small
The bet will automatically go up near the pool.
We’ll look into the details later, but this discussion is big
It’s the biggest attraction of the Vegas casinos.
Macau casinos have a smaller conference than Las Vegas
It is maintained about 100 times more. This difference is normal
Macau Kaji because it doesn’t affect the game of chuehrers
You can’t say that Noddle has a problem with the conference.
The problem with Macau is that the city is too small to see
Even if it’s China, if you want to go out of Macau, it’s like going to another country
They have to go through 바카라게임하는법 immigration as if they were going.
You have to use a ship or helicopter to get to nearby Hong Kong
Macao has to go through high immigration, so it’s not gambling
It is inappropriate to go as an enemy.
In addition, there are various games like casinos in the U.S. or Kaji
The various recreational facilities in the laboratory are not excellent. Outside
It’s so humid that I have to stay in the casino
I have no choice but to cling to the game.
So in Macau, self-management is more important. Travel
It is necessary to make a short schedule.
Usually, when you lose it in the beginning, you overcome it over time goes by
It’s not a lot, and even if it’s a cut, it’s a break to have everything.It’s more
If you don’t have money and you have a long schedule, you can force yourself to send money
The fact that it’s easy to spend his urgent money is also very important to Polayers
It’s not good.
The short journey is that the game goes well from the beginning, so you have a certain goal
If achieved, it will also help manage money.
The biggest disadvantage and advantage of Macau is that this city is all about
He’s focusing on baccarat without 검증바카라사이트 turning his eyes to other roles
It’s true.


So it’s easy to lose money and it’s easy to break down, but it’s a game
There is a wide range of table choices. Let’s play the Baccarat game
One of the ways is to never sit at a table and to have a good picture
There’s a way to find Evil, but there are more than 20 in a room
Macau’s casinos, which are equipped with tables, have that in mind
It’s best to stand.
In the past, casinos in Macau were very unfriendly and had too many customers
It was like a market, but now it’s a big car in Las Vegas
The whole atmosphere is alive and well because the Zinos are advancing one after another
It’s flying. But Macau is Macau. Macao is a horse
It’s a place where you 검증바카라사이트 play the game of money with di. In that sense, what kind of people
gamble on someone more than Las Vegas, which has a better casino culture
Macau, which has nothing but it, will be more focused.
I don’t think it’s anything, but I’m going to a Las Vegas casino
Or, depending on whether you go to a Macau-style casino
Even so, there is a big difference in the amount of betting as well as the game method.


바카라게임하는법 He was buried in a cemetery in

바카라게임하는법 He was buried in a cemetery in Yangpyeong, Gyeonggi Province, on Nov. 16.
After Park Jong-sik died in Macau, the rest of the brothers and family went to Menbong
When the general meal, which dominated the VIP room of Gangwon Land, disappeared, Gangwon Land employees also
Customers who have different attitudes toward their brother-in-law and sister-in-law, and borrowed money
The fields are different from before.
First of all, his younger brother Park Jong-hyuk committed a breach of arms at Gangwon Land Casino the following year
After being permanently suspended, he left Gangwon Land.
Park Jong-sik, who was the boss of Dongdaemun, and after his younger brother was down, he was chung
As his chronic disease worsened, he took care of himself at a nursing home in Ganghwa, Gyeonggi-do
He died in early December 2009.
When Park Jong-pal (pseudonym), the boss of Dongdaemun faction, died, the members of Dongdaemun faction went
I asked the family to hold a funeral as a “gangster,” but the family opposed it
The funeral was held prematurely.
The Retrospective of Mrs. Park’s Lim In-ju
“When my husband died, members of the Dongdaemun faction, who were reported to be young, were gangsters like younger brothers.”
I said let’s hold a grand funeral. The boss of Dongdaemun and the last one
A romanticist fist is destined to fight with a gangster
However, as my sister actively opposed it, I went to the family funeral
I paid for it.”
In casinos, dealers are either drunk customers or system bets (lost money
I’m most afraid of customers who make double bets).
If you’re drunk, don’t worry about losing money and making big money
Because they bet on music, sometimes they’re more likely to bet on music than they are to be careful
Casinos are highly functional to lose the game.
Gangwon Land’s ‘Kkongji’s Exhibition’ earned 50 billion won from ‘Kkongji’ at VIP Tum in Gangwon Land
If the main character who created Seol was Park Chong-sik (a pseudonym), his younger brother Park Jong-hyuk (ga)
He made billions of won just in the evening by betting hundreds of thousands of won
He is a man of character.
Park Jong-hyuk said that 안전한 바카라 his brother ran the most famous kkongji business in the VIP room of Kangwon Land
Because of that, he has become a VIP member of Kangwon Land since early 2005.
He was not interested in his brother’s announcement business and only focused on games.
Even if you’re brothers and sisters, you should lend money to them
Because of that, Jung Hyuk got to know the face of another private loan company
You can borrow 3 to 5 million won from a member to play a game
It was nothing but.
However, Park Jong-hyuk’s characteristic is that if there is less game money, there is more
It was to make a full bet as many as possible.
Gangwon Land VIP Room will bet at least 300,000 won per round at the Baccarat Games
You can, but you can bet up to KRW 30 million at a time.
If you start the game with 3 to 5 million won, the average person will bet once
It’s 1 million won or 500,000 won, which is lower than that
It is common to adjust the speed.
However, Park Jong-hyuk usually bets all the money he has in his pocket
It was on a different level from Russia.
If he wins by betting 5 million won, he’ll get 10 million won again
It’s like a ting.
If he wins and gets 20 million won, he will get 20 million won again
have the guts to bet and bet.
If he wins, he bets 30 million won
It’s to win the game.
Because of the full betting like this, Gangwon Land VIP dealers said that he played 바카라게임하는법 the game
Sitting at the table makes me more nervous than any other customer.
But if you lose the bet, you go out of the casino and pick it up without looking back
have a habit of returning to.
In the summer of 2005, 3 million won borrowed from Sabuk was once again bet
I gave it up. I thought I was unlucky, and I was taking a break while smoking
A customer who won more than 100 million won from Evil paid 500,000 won to him
I gave it as.
When he got 500,000 won free money, he wasn’t at the VIP table
It was written.
Let’s bet on Banker and get 500,000 won. We’ll spend 1 million won on Banker
I walked.
This time, Banker won and became 2 million won, and he got 2 million won again
Everyone bet on Banker.
Let’s bet 4 million won again. 8 million won. This time, 8 million won
It was like betting.



When he reached the maximum betting limit of 30 million won, he said 30 million won each time
I made a bet, but strangely enough, his betting winning rate was 100%.
On that day, he had 500,000 in two baccarat games (usually an hour and a half per shot)
It produced a miracle of winning 1.8 billion won in won.
Customers who watched this said, “The person who won 1.8 billion won with 500,000 won is Park.”
The president is the first,’ he said. “Kei, which is hard to see not only in Gangwon Land but also in any casino
“S” was praised.
And in the summer of 2006, Park spent 10 million 바카라게임하는법 won, 3.4 billion won
He also set a new record for winning.

안전한 바카라 Statement by Nam Jeong-mo

안전한 바카라 Statement by Nam Jeong-mo (pseudonym), a VIP customer of Gangwon Land who knows Park well
– At the Gangwon Land VIP, Park Jong-sik was famous for the most vicious notice. The customer
If you can’t cut the money due to circumstances that you couldn’t afford on the right date, call him to your hotel room like a fire
He shouted angrily. I can’t tell how scary your eyes are
It looked like the eyes of a beast.
He has a fiery personality and has dominated the world of fists recognized in Seoul
Most customers took their money on their own because of rumours that it was Lam. But
If you break your promise once or twice, you push people like you’re going to die. a dog’s eye
I couldn’t make a deal, so I had to borrow money and have it. The most vicious kkongji
He is remembered by people remember him.”
If some customers don’t have rice paddies, they purposely avoid Mr. Park

When I lied, I immediately showed a hot taste.
Retrospective of another customer who knows Mr. Park well
When Park made the announcement, he made the 100% collection as a left-hand rule. And 99% of the time
By completing the collection, it boasted the highest principal recovery rate in Gangwon Land. One time
A hotel where a customer in his 40s who borrowed money kept lying and didn’t have money
I called him into the room and pressed him.
Park, who was told that he would give money when he got it, bit the customer’s ear with his mouth
He may have punched him in the face or abdomen, but he’s a cop if he’s a cop
This is because I was afraid to report it as a side experience to. a person in his 40s who has raised his/her ears
The customer said, “Please save me when Siebeljeon blood came out of my ear.”
Then he said, “If you don’t keep your promise one more time, I’ll open your throat.”
C. This customer took the money after these. Among Gangwon Land VIP Ggongji
It was a scandal at the time when a case known as a vicious businessman was heard.”
As a result of being pointed at by others and playing Kkongji
In six months, the amount of money earned without the principal became hundreds of millions.
One day, a customer borrowed 30 million won because the game didn’t work out
When he lost all the money he went to, he offered to get the money right away if he followed him to Seoul
It was.

안전한 바카라

I got a BMW car from a customer who runs a real estate business in Seoul
Arriving at a detached house in Gangnam, Seoul, the customer stopped Park outside the gate for a while
It’s a bridge.
If you know that your wife has been to the casino, you will be in trouble. If you wait a little bit
I’ll put a check in the cigarette case and push it under the gate, so take it.”
After about 10 minutes, as the customer said, he slipped a pack of cigarettes out of the door
I threw you.
Mr. Park opened the lid of the cigarette case and found that there was no cigarette, and there were 5 million won bills in it
Six checks were rolled up.
Once again, I got money from a VIP 안전한 바카라 customer who runs a wholesale herbal medicine store
I took a taxi to Seoul, and 10,000 won in cash in an apple box
He also received 50 million won.
Park Jong-sik (pseudonym) worked hard at Gangwon Land Small Gajino
The capital of 50 million won is billions of dollars a day. VIP room with tens of billions of hearts
It was the blood of a new foot in.
VIP customers who lost money at night when the bank was closed ranged from tens of millions of won to hundreds of millions of won
I want to borrow a loan of up to 10 to 20 million won
You’re upset. It was the 10th 안전한바카라사이트 month of Gangwon Land VP Kkongji life.
Dongdae, known in Cheongju as the richest man in the 100 billion won range
Hwang Hae (pseudonym), who calls his brother, the boss of Munpa, on the VIP of Kangwon Land
I’m here to play a game It was the end of a fine tail.
Hwang brought 300 million to 500 million won to Kangwon Land
Mr. Park said, “I’m making a casino announcement, but I’m having a hard time because I don’t have enough money
C” said hotly when he heard the sound.
“Brother, I can afford it, so I’ll use this money to add to the business, and then I’
And if you need more money, feel free to call me.”
From Park’s point of view, he met a new savior. in the fist world
Live in Lee, die of loyalty. Since then, Park’s business has been on the wing.
Let’s spend a year in Gangwon Land’s Small Gajino. Nearly 1 billion won
It was collected, excluding 100 million won in loans to customers.
Park earned 20 times more than the principal with 50 million won in just one year
I’m happy.
However, being careless for a while was a mistake. He’s a member of Kangwon Land’s promotional department
He rushed the game, saying 안전한 바카라 that his performance was low, and he took 50 million won and went to the VIP room
He started betting.
People who bet after winning hundreds of millions of won for the first hour or two has been dampened
I lost my family money. Bakara Gabe means play and banker when you’re lucky
It could be continuous, or it could be like “Pong-Dang-Pong-Dang”
You’re more likely to beat the casino if you come out one after another, but you get that picture often
be bound not to.
On this day, Park said, “If you bet 10 million won on play, the number of bankers will be high.”
You lose your money, and if you bet on Banker again, you’ll get a high number on the play
It was a case of losing money with.
His eyes were turned upside down when 안전한 바카라 he lost nearly 1 billion won overnight.

안전한 바카라

안전한바카라사이트 When there was no reply

안전한바카라사이트 When there was no reply number in the absurd unit letter, Kim was a securities expert on September 12 of that year
More than 100 recommendations for the assassination of President Lee Myung Bak on Twitter (Paxnet)
He posted a post of assassination.
He also searched the Internet for homemade bombs, firearms, and swords
It combines Boksheng and Cheong Wa Dae weekly duty to explore and implies the assassination of the president on weekly duty
He also had a conversation.
In particular, he called his close neighbor and said, “I’m ruining my life because of the casino.”
There are many people, but the president is sitting on the sidelines. I’ve got an answer to the petition
No, I bought a homemade gun, and I was waiting for the president to pass by, and then I lost the president
“I’ll kill you,” he said on purpose.
A friend who heard this told a close Taebaek Police Station detective about this
Upon receiving a report of the police investigation, the prosecutor of the competent prosecution office immediately went to Kim’s home
It ordered a dark search and a thorough reinforcement investigation.
Hundreds of 8m1 metal oral techniques and iron bells in the seizure and search of Kim’s house
(Choi Koo-sul) came out and gunpowder from his PC alluding to presidential cancer
Ryu-related terms were searched.
In the substantive examination of the arrest warrant, he
“There is an intention to kill the president, but it is real,” said Lee, a prospective murderer
There was no preliminary doctor at all.”
An arrest warrant was executed.

of the press at the time Kim’s pre-mortem doctor who received a lot of attention The court of the first instance
Accusation of the prosecution of the sword while exonerating it was found not guilty on appeal.


However, apart from this incident, he has a casino width against Choi Young, president of Kangwon Land
The threatening letter was found guilty of an aversion and criminal photos related to traffic accidents were merged
As a result, he was sentenced to six months in prison and was arrested again in court.
He was transferred to Anyang Detention Center and caused a stir in politics while living
I also met Yoon Sang-rim, the main character of “All Sang-rim Gyeit.” in politics at the time
Yoon Sang-rim, the biggest fraud case since Dangun, attacked Gyeit
I even opened up.
Kim said, “I know him as an unusual person who is suspected of preliminary murder by the president at the detention center
The prison guards were interested and treated well. Here, Yoon Sanglim Gate
I met Yoon Sang-rim, the main character of the movie. I think they’re similar
I found out that I entered Gangwon Land at 안전한바카라사이트 one time. Of course he’s from VIP Lop
He bets a lot more money, and he’s famous in politics for his raucous dictionary
I said I got hit. Hundreds of pigs were gifted to the military commander’s event
The person who made the big bet on the road stick gave me a lot of money
I remember,” he recalled.
Meanwhile, on January 카지노사이트추천 31, 2010, he said at the National Assembly building in Yeouido, Seoul, ‘in the casino
It has won 1.8 billion won (1.8 billion U.S. dollars) in profits. “Dismantle Gangwon Land,” he said
He also received attention from the theory of self-inflicted So Dong-eum’s editor-in-chief with a hand axe.
Phew, he said, “The Internet that boosts the winning cargo of Lotto Bookstore
I opened a site
Let’s go to the casino
A betting system that can catch a jackpot
set out to study.
He succeeded in developing a casino baccarat betting system he created around him
Gangwon Land said it did it, and in Macau, where maximum bets are high due to low maximum bets
The department recruited investors who said they could make a lot of money. He’s 10 million won
I’ll be called 10 times more if I sleep, so I’ll take 15 million won that I saved
In the spring of 2011, he went on an expedition to Macau.
Kim’s acquaintances who were waiting for the big news near Kangwon Land were only 15 days old
When I saw him coming back empty-handed, I pointed my finger at him as a fraud, but I bet
Believing in the system, he knew he was a fool and had to write a letter.
Even after that, Kim couldn’t give up his lingering feelings about the casino system
He continued to study the casino system while playing PC Bing, saying he would supplement the item
In March 2014, I will invest 5 million 안전한바카라사이트 won again to make 1 billion won
He shouted loudly and left for Macau.
As expected, his betting system, which squandered 5 million won in less than a week, is
Seizure while homeless in Macau after realizing that it was in the Middle Ages
He was also handed over to the police due to (often having seizures). Fortunately
The Magao police took him to Macau, a sick man in a casino
Send him to the camp
The seizure symptoms could be returned to North Korea by receiving fees and free accommodation.


카지노사이트추천 In the afternoon, Chinese

카지노사이트추천 In the afternoon, Chinese customers with sharp and quick hand movements
At 8:30 For 7 hours from 8 a.m. to 8 a.m., 17 stations, 30 million
It tastes like the original sound.
It’s the first time seeing their movements Dealer and Floor Person, Pete
It’s hard to pick a fight about how to succeed a game without a bindim because it proceeded with.
The monitor staff who were looking at the game scene through CCTV also did the game moves
I experienced body sound and I thought it was weird, but the affine move
No circumstances have been found that could be wrong or suspected of fraud. This situation
It goes on and on at 3 a.m., with one arm fixed to the table, the card is puffed up
The dealer took issue with the attitude.
“It’s Sileham, sir! Rules for opening a card in that way at a table
Not allowed due to violation.”
Then Chinese customers frowned and said, “I feel bad, so I don’t play anymore games
I can’t do it. “Please change all the chips into checks,” he asked.
Gangwon Land employees couldn’t appeal, but they first deposited 300 million won in VIP
Shinhan Bank’s car sold 1.73 billion won in fruit games, or 2.03 billion won
I exchanged it with a check issued by the Gino branch office and paid it.
After 3 a.m., the eight of them left the VIP Lop and returned to their hotel rooms
It’s moved.
Since then, Gangwon Land’s monitor team and senior dealers have been telling Chinese customers
Let’s play CCTV for the scene and 온라인바카라사이트 buy a problematic game feature
Of course I did. Of course
At first, the figures that could not be painted appeared one after another.
“Hani, there seems to be a problem with the screen that passed by now. 2 cards. YUN JUN
In the situation, can’t you see him exchanging 카지노사이트추천 one more card.
In addition, this strange behavior appears in every scene. There’s something wrong with it’s wrong
It seems certain that.”
The hand movement of a woman who is not close to the male cambler who opens the card
Another card that seems to have been moved by a woman’s hand was crossed from a man’s hand
It was replaced with a strange and agile move.
It was a rare move. Then, the person who watched the same scene
The circles all felt the same way.
“That’s right. It must be a scam. You should report to the team leader.”
The team leader, who was reported to be a fraud by a Chinese businessman, came to work early in the morning
I reported it to the head of the casino in Handong.
Oh Han-dong on VIP Lop’s fraud game, which was first launched since the establishment of Kangwon Land
The head of the headquarters ordered a thorough response.
Immediately on the checks issued by Shinhan Bank’s casino branch office paid to the Chinese
The payment was suspended.
Oh Han-dong, head of casino headquarters, then made an emergency report to President Kim Jin-mo.
“CEO! Chinese customers from Hong Kong who gaped at VIP Tom last night
I heard that he made 1.73 billion won by gambling. The staff said, “Credit: AFP or licensors
A precise analysis of the monitor’s episode revealed that he played the game with fraudulent gambling
I do. I think we need to deal with this issue perfectly. First of all
The bank suspended payment of the check, but they told the police
on a scammer’s way
I think it’s time for Balhye. These are not Chinese 카지노사이트추천 businessmen, but professional fraudulent gambling
I think it must be Dan.
President Kim Jin-mo, who received the report, was dumbfounded.
: For the first time, I attracted a big foreigner, and the customers were fraudulent
I’m speechless. Anyway, since this lesson came out, I hope it doesn’t matter
Handle thoroughly and report the results!”
Kangwon Land immediately prepared a complaint to the police. In the Jeongseon Police Station complaint
Copy tapes with game scenes recorded and Gangwon Land cards used in the game
submitted as a big shot.
Jeongseon Police Station, which received the case, investigated the accusation against the fraudulent game
Immigration control at the Ministry of Justice along with filing a complaint to avoid any disruptions
I asked the cow to ban foreigners from leaving the country.

Also, the police who were dispatched after reporting fraudulent gambling are staying at Kangwon Land Hotel
The Chinese defendants were dispatched with an interpreter.
“From last night to this morning, you got money from fraudulent gambling.”
Following Gangwon Land’s accusation, the investigation will be carried out, so please actively raise your hand. You guys
You have the right to a lawyer and you have the right to remain silent on police investigations
C. We can’t leave the country until this case is over
I want you to know for sure.
The embarrassed people complained to the actor.
“We’ve gaped rightfully and therefore the money we’ve sold is rightful money.
It’s ridiculous to say that we’ve got a money rate. at the police station
If we want to investigate, we will also use the numerator first and use it for the investigation. a state of destruction
If it discriminates against us just because we are human, we won’t stay still.-
But the Chinese look down on rural police and have no police investigation requirements
He left Kangwon Land for Seoul with a time limit.
Gangwon Land Employees While Police Investigate Chinese Fraud Game
At the suggestion of , a magician from Russia’s exclusive performance group was called for advice.
“If you look at the Chinese game scene last night, it means perfectly fraudulent gambling
It’s heartbreaking. The winning rate is almost 100%, and there are too many unnecessary hand gestures. especially
The movements of the female customer sitting right next to her don’t even notice the fraudulent gambling
It’s like a catch. Please objectively evaluate how it is from an expert’s point of view.”
At that time, in Gangwon Land, there was a Russian exclusive performance group every day for customer service
I was staying in the evening performance. They have dancers and magic tricks
The lights were hanging together.
The Russian magician slowly looked into the recorded fraud and said.
The Chinese movement is highly suspicious of fraudulent gambling. This is card magic
It’s the behavior of a person who learned something. The movements in card magic and the movements of these people
The work is very similar.”
Gangwon Land has two beauties who are long Chinese tajja, all of whom are scammed by reconnaissance


온라인바카라사이트 What was even more

온라인바카라사이트 What was even more ridiculous was that if Gangwon Land orders ahead of the re-sealing service order
Because it is difficult for a specific company to entrust it (due to competitive bidding), it is necessary to obtain a private contract through the construction company
It’s the fact that he chose a designer for his medicine
In the end, the project that created the useless design plan actually re-establishes it
It happened without you. The Gangwon Land Water Park Project is a key point in the industry
I remember it with a smirk. If it were a private company, I wouldn’t have dreamed of it
I think it happened because it’s a karma.
In response, an official from Gangwon Land said, “In principle, construction projects were originally ordered separately
“In the case of the water park, it was deliberated by the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs and proceeded with a separate order.”
He countered, “In the case of water park design, it was carried 온라인바카라사이트 out according to the decision of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.”
However, Gangwon Land includes golf courses, ski resorts: hotels, condominiums, employee accommodation, and administration
All large-scale construction projects, including the Dong, were carried out with integrated orders.
In particular, the Board of Audit and Inspection conducts an audit on various problems in Gangwon Land Water Park
I announced a thank-you note. However, it fell far short of experts’ expectations.
The Board of Audit and Inspection announced that the Gangwon Land Water Park design change service is subject to the National Contract Act
Therefore, Dongbu E&C, a contractor, orders despite the need to select a design company through competitive bidding
It was pointed out that design change companies were selected instead of institutions.
In addition, the Board of Audit and Inspection gave up competitive bidding by the ordering agency and specified by the contractor
It was clearly pointed out that it was a clear preferential treatment to have the company sign a private contract.
In addition, the Board of Audit and Inspection excessively calculated the expected number of visitors to the water park during the time of President Choi Heung-jip
He pointed out that the feasibility of the project is inaccurate, such as inflating it.
However, Gangwon Land does not hold relevant employees responsible for this problem at all.
Also, if difficult questions or suspicions are raised, it is a problem that occurred under the former president
He overcame the crisis with a snake.
The Board of Audit and Inspection is from Kangwon Land
I want to thank the staff
Point out overspending of design services and applicable
I asked for it, but Gangwon Land is the most disciplinary punishment
He was punished with a slap on the wrist.
On the other hand, Gangwon Land ordered the construction company to order design services
The Board of Audit and Inspection said that the project could be delayed if the transportation system is made by competitive bidding
He pointed out that the results were not valid and that it was an expedient for preferential treatment
For this reason, the Gangwon Land water park project has been designed by invisible hands
It’s given to a particular company, it’s expensive to design, but nobody’s responsible
It showed a strange result.
A water park expert pointed out the water park problem in Gangwon Land as follows
I did.
“The Gimhae Water Park Project,” said Hong, who designed one of the nation’s leading water parks
Although the scale is more than three times that of Kangwon Land, the design cost is 30% of Gangwon Land
“Design of Gangwon Land Water Park, which accounts for less than 30% of Gimhae Water Park,” he said
11 billion won was spent without the design of overseas consultants
I just can’t understand it,” he said. Gangwon Land’s Finding a Semi-Yeon Teacher 0 Failed History
Learn from re, (Presian), January 24, 2018
When suspicions were raised about the Gangwon Land water park, the National Assembly’s audit also showed anger
I strongly pointed out my weakness.
Gangwon Land’s parliamentary audit held on October 4, 2016 by the National Assembly’s Industry and Energy Committee
Yoon Han-jong, a member of Masan, is in the process of carrying out the Gangwon Land Water Park project
Disposal of a large amount of first 온라인바카라사이트 design paper and unnecessary construction costs
with one’s back in one’s mouth
I rebuked him for going out.
Rep. Yoon said, “KD1 and Gangwon LAN are working on the Witter Park project for Gangwon Land.”
“I ignored the decision of the board of directors and ordered the design on my own,” he said
It incurred 36.4 billion won in unnecessary construction costs and 5.5 billion won in annual stock prices
C,” he pointed out.
The one-way design, which cost 38.7 billion won, was then discarded due to a false design
Special evaluation of proposals for selecting the first shion company and the construction company
“Explain the allegations of unreasonable 바카사이트 추천 changes to select an elite company,” he criticized.
In addition, Rep. Yoon said, “President Ham Seung-hee promoted an executive in charge of misconduct at a water park.”
“President Ham filed a complaint with the investigative agency for professional malpractice,” he said
He also ordered, “We will have to file a claim for compensation from the design company.”
In particular, “If you look at the 온라인바카라사이트 process of selecting a water park design company in Gangwon Land, Gangwon Land.”
Executives and employees at the position of deputy chief of the president’s secretariat at the time also worked for related companies.”
“People from specific companies, such as the selection of proposal policy evaluation committee members, systematically select companies
“There are strong suspicions of involvement in politics,” he pointed out.
However, Gangwon Land said in a reply number, “Ham Seung-hee vs. regarding the water park business.”
Pyo has never been reported or investigated for misconduct,” he asked
I wasted my time with another vague answer.
In addition, Gangwon Land referred those involved to investigative agencies as pointed out in the parliamentary audit
It did not file a lawsuit for damages against the design company.
A private contract with a specific company in the process of modifying the design of Jeolguk Gangwon Land Water Park
a special feature


바카라사이트 추천 Kim Jin-mo quit Kangwon Land

바카라사이트 추천 However, Kim Jin-mo quit Kangwon Land and ran for mayor of Donghae
Jang failed to win the election, and on June 9, the Yeongil branch of the Chuncheon District Prosecutors’ Office called on former president Kim
He was arrested on a law-enforcement wiret.
When making an anonymous reservation at the head of Gangwon-do Order Colff even before the injury of the lost election disappears
Criminal punishment for illegal wiretapping due to wiretapping equipment installed for stem settlement sound
have been given.
Fortunately, former president Kim, who felt like he was hit with a red head in the middle of the night
It was possible to recover some of the honor that was tarnished 바카라사이트 추천 by acquittal at the appeal trial.
President Kim Jin-mo, who suffered from drunken drafts even during his tenure as president, has been in office since Choi’s term
Even so, unexpected drafts occurred one after another, making the surroundings sad.
A local figure recalled the following.
“President Kim Jin-mo, who was very enthusiastic about his work, often went out as the head of a local organization
There was also discord with the staff. Once established, the principle points out the problem
I pushed ahead with it, and the staff who raised the issue was disgusted
Okay. Casino guests quit smoking, cracked down on private loans, and banned access to pawnshops
It was a series of unconventional events, including the installation of watches and mirrors at the casino.
Casino Comp’s Regional Use and Local Recruitment Non-Yoonhwa University Phase 2 Project Promotion Dong
There was a lot of fairness. However, small amount following the rift over the dismissal of Um
It faced headwinds such as dismissal by the representative of the order, and it was unreasonable not to attract foreign capital
He was the president who had the most trials, such as stopping him by the gossip that he was promoting
I can’t believe it. But he’s the most local boss of all time
be remembered as minutes.
Meanwhile, when President Kim Jin-mo left, he started a public offering for his successor
Kim Won-chang, head of Jeongseon-gun, was multiplied by an unexpected conspirator, Kang Joon-sik, Choi Yuk-cheol, former and current
Auditors and others were also included in the list of 27 Ung-Ma.
At that time, there were rumors that Governor Kim Won-chang’s presidential contest was supported by influential politicians
Half of Taebaek and Yeongwol who are dissatisfied with 바카라사이트 추천 Gangwon Land centered on Gadok and Jeongseon areas
The foot was serious.
At that time, the Yeongwol-gun Council was Kim Won-chang-gun through medical documents to Cheong Wa Dae and Gangwon-do
If Sue takes over as president of Kangwon Land, she will face a serious political situation
After a week of controversy, Governor Kim voluntarily withdrew the public offering.
Finally, the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy is the fifth president of Kangwon Land and former Seoul Mayor Cho Soon
On March 28, his son, Cho Ki-song (. served as vice president of G-Philips), was at peace
It’s stuck.
Cho Ki-song, who took office as the fifth president after a shareholders’ meeting held on March 29, 2006
The president said, “We will value principles and transparent management,” adding, “One Land’s negative already.”
“I will focus on the camp with improvement, internal organizational innovation, and a sense of crisis.”
have been stepped on.
President Cho Ki-song then reorganized the 4th headquarters, 11 rooms, 59 teams, 2 centers, 1 office (department)
Expanding the Seoul office to Gangnam by carrying out the 4th headquarters, 3 rooms, 52 teams)
Meanwhile, he emphasized staying at the Seoul office for more than a week a month. Flag of Saul’s Office
It means that it will focus on active marketing by strengthening its role in agriculture.
President Cho said, “We will focus on open management with the determination of his 2nd start-up,” adding, “Employees.”
“We will demand drastic and rapid change in the world,” he said, emphasizing consciousness reform.
As a result, President Cho Ki-song’s Gangwon Land held an innovation resolution competition inside
Enemy pushed for a change in consciousness and externally tried to transform its image.
Finally, Kangwon Land is trying to dispel the negative image 바카라사이트 of the casino
New Corporate Image (CI) High Principles on June 26, 2007 after a desperate attempt
It was decided as High1 Resort.
Casinos and hotels where casinos are located have become a firm brand in Gangwon Province
Use the name of the land as it is, and the rest of the ski resort, golf course, and golf item (Hi Wonho)
It was renamed High1 Resort by destroying Tel, condominiums, and auxiliary facilities.
High1 Resort, which was declared a new CI after 9 years of the company’s foundation, has since been a river
It was evaluated as a turning point with the greatest contribution to the transformation of the One Land image.
Following the opening of the ski resort, High1 Resort is a resort due to the ski opening of the ski resort
Raw fish
Although the perception changed and focused on management efficiency, casino businesses
Expansion ran aground when he encountered an unexpected ambush called the Sea Story.

바카라사이트 추천
바카라사이트 추천

카지노사이트 추천 In particular, a newspaper made

카지노사이트 추천 In particular, a newspaper made 100 billion won on the 26th, a day before the shareholders’ meeting
slush fund-raising
Stock prices plummeted as anger was exposed, and prosecutors said on the 29th
About Kangwon Land
It announced a seizure search and a ban on those involved, including President Kim Kwang-sik, from leaving the country.
The atmosphere is rough as dark clouds hang over Gangwon Land, which was all rosy
It’s starting to get bad.
Despite the gloomy atmosphere, Gangwon Land’s Gohan-eup office was opened at 11 a.m. on the 27th
The fourth general meeting was held in the small conference room. And at Gangwon Land’s Juchung
Song Jae-beom, chairman of the Gwangsan Regional Residents’ Experience Council, is required to be listed on the KOSDAQ
He appointed five members of the club.
However, some happenings were also made at the shareholders’ meeting.
Auditor Kang, who frequently had conflicts with President Kim Kwang-sik, was closed at the shareholders’ meeting
In the process of making a private report, he said, “The audit report is hard to trust even the auditor himself
After claiming that it was “content,” he left, and the general shareholders’ meeting was briefly stirred.
A former executive of Kangwon Land said, “At that time, the auditor became the third president of Gangwon Land
He is known to have engaged in various activities such as lobbying political circles.Tooth
Therefore, the two people’s emotions were 카지노사이트 추천 considerable in the process of checking Kim Kwang-sik, the president at the time
It became seriously the same. President Kim Kwang-sik as his strongest competitor
It was reported that he had kept it in Doo. For this reason, the 4th regular shareholder supplementation chairman
I wish you the absurdity of announcing that you can’t believe the thank-you sentence.
But fortunately, this behavior has no effect on the shareholders’ meeting
I couldn’t,” he said.
At the regular shareholders’ meeting
Governor Kim Won-chang at the time was small ahead of the total fee
The head of the Gangwon-do Economic and Industrial Bureau was caught in a necktie by the representatives of shareholders
There was also a great deal of shouting with minority shareholders over the issue of the abandoned fund.
Retrospective of Park Jong-chul, Chairman of the Minority Shareholders’s Council
“The justification for the recommendation of some outside directors ahead of the regular shareholders meeting in August 2002.”
The issue of the Guape Mining Fund was confusing. Especially one day before the shareholders’ meeting
The suspicion of creating a 100 billion won slush fund raised by the media has been a fatal blow to stock prices
It flew. Foreign investors at the time were skeptical about Korea over the issue of raising the abandoned mine fund
He was disposing of stocks in large quantities, saying he could not leave.
Accordingly, minority shareholders exercise their skills at the shareholders’ meeting after discussing countermeasures
Gangwon Land has decided to burn if it had not had a 49% private stake in addition to its public stake
It was impossible to live. People don’t know about this, but Gangwon Land in 1998
It started with a capital of 50 billion won. However, most of the local government’s investment is in the current state
Instead of gold, there were many land investments and few 카지노사이트 추천 foreign investments.
At that time, the company decided to attract private capital to the initial investment capital of Kangwon Land
Private investment because it announced that it would use 75% of its net profit as an abandoned mine fund
be faced with an impossible situation. Kim Jin-sun, then governor of Gangwon Province, who was in a hurry
from late March to April 16, 1999 in Adelaide and Las Vegas, USA
It has started attracting investment from S and others. However, there was no attraction of foreign capital. afterwards in Korea
When I came back, I went all out to attract investment from institutional investors
However, everyone turned a blind eye.
When the situation became like this, in the middle of 1999, the media in Gangwon Province reported a casino company
The red grass crisis has become so serious that it has become a news flash after another. Like this, I’m hit by a wall
After consulting with the government, Gangwon-do will discuss the abandoned mine fund for five years after its opening
It was revised to increase it gradually after 10%. The government and Gangwon-do Province are the three major powers
If you open a public offering for 18,500 won per share with B as the organizer
It’s done.
The public offering was 49 billion won, but the cash payment reached 181.3 billion won
C. Accordingly, Gangwon Land is a small casino hotel with Daewoo Jinseol as the organizer
Construction began and Kangwon Land was able to create a success story. But it’s open
When the casino business hit the jackpot in less than a year and a half, suddenly the abandoned mine fund
I’ll raise it from 10% to 20% immediately and back to 30% after five years
I overturned my original promise.
As a result, foreign investors began selling, and minority 카지노사이트 shareholders were angry.
At that time, minority shareholders reported to the police of related ministries, Minister Yoon, for fraud in stock offering
It’s early to release. The government has called for the charges to be dropped. a commitment to shareholders
called for a memorandum from the government to overturn. Friendliness that you can trust later on
I dropped the charges against the Minister on receipt of. The government and some Gangwon Land
The members blamed minority shareholders, but the fault was made by the government and Gangwon Province.
It was a serious problem to reverse the promise that sales were good.”

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